Wagner - your tour guide in Rio
Wagner - your tour guide in Rio
Wagner - your tour guide in Rio
Rio de Janeiro, a marvelous city

The Guanabara Bay was reached by Portuguese explorers in an expedition commanded by Gonçalo Coelho on January 1, 1502. Hence Rio de Janeiro, "January River": those sailors thought Guanabara Bay was a river.

The city was founded on March 1, 1565 by Estácio de Sá, also a Portuguese, who named it São Sebastião (Saint Sebastian) of Rio de Janeiro in honor of the King of Portugal Dom Sebastião.

Discover our attractions, culture and people. You will be surprised. If you take a good look at this site, you’ll find out why Rio de Janeiro is known as the marvelous city!

About me

I’m Wagner and I Was born in Rio de janeiro. I love my hometown!

I have Been working as a tour guide since 1992. I have a degree in Tourism and I also have a tour guide ID issued by the Federal Tourism Authority, which means I am a legal tour guide.

I really enjoy helping visitors get the best out of their trip to Rio de Janeiro. There is so much I can show you! I look forward to meeting you.

City tour


For travellers and backpackers, the problem comes in finding the right tour. Since you have never been to Rio before, I would like to suggest a tour.

We can have fun by visiting these places:

  Christ, The Redeemer

  Sugar Loaf

  Maracanã Stadium

  Downtown (which includes Lapa, Selaron Staircase, Ruins park, San Sebastian Cathedral, Municipal Theater, Fine Arts Museum, National Library and Pedro Ernesto Palace).

It’s a tour that takes 10 hours (8am up to 6pm). We’ll get around by using public transportation (bus and subway/metro), which cost 4,05/5,80 reais. That’s the easiest and inexpensive way to get to know Rio.

  How much do I charge to guide you? Get in touch with me so that we can negotiate tour prices.


  Tours don’t include tickets for Christ The Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, Maracanã Stadium, Boat Trip, Copacabana Fortress and Urban Buses.

  There are some other attractions for building your day trip: boat trip across Guanabara bay, a Favela/Slum; Rio - Niterói Bridge; Copacabana Fortress; Penha Church; Carnival Parade Ground and Tijuca Forest. Ask me about them!

  You don’t have to pay me in advance.

  I will pick you up at your hotel, hostel or apartment and take you back afterwards.



You arrived in the Wonderful City and wondered: is it possible to get around with public transportation in Rio de Janeiro? The answer is yes!

We can use these transport options to visit the main part of touristic attractions in the city. The majority of them are fast and secure.

I’ll tell about some of the means of transport available in the city.


Metrô Rio is without a doubt, the transportation more used and easy. The metro offers air conditioner (let’s say that’s a real necessity in this city), it’s safe and clean transportation.

It’s possible to go to every neighborhood in the south area, to the north area and Barra da Tijuca in the west area.

Opening hours
From Monday to Saturday, from 05 am to midnight; Sundays and Holidays from 7 am to 11 pm.

Fare: R$6,50


All over the city, there are many different lines of buses. Many different routes and destinies. To access the bus in the city, you can use Rio Card ou pay directly to the bus driver with cash. Many buses work 24 hours. Most buses have air conditioning.

Fare: R$4,05

We are going to have such a good time. Let me be your tour guide!