About me
..I'm Wagner and I was born in Rio de Janeiro. I love my hometown. I have been working as a tour guide since 1992. I have a degree in tourism and i think that a good guide can make a crucial difference to your enjoyment of a destination. A private  tour guide comes with a lot of pros- individuality, privateness without any interruptions, the personal touch and flexibility.

...I also have a tour guide ID issued by Embratur (Federal Tourism Authority), which means I am a legal tour guide.

...I would like to be your tour guide while you visit Rio de Janeiro.

Get in touch with me:



[email protected]

About Rio

...Guanabara Bay was reached by Portuguese explorers in a expedition led by Gaspar de Lemos or Gonçalo Coelho on January 01, 1502. Hence Rio de Janeiro, "January River". The sailors thought that Guanabara Bay was a river.

...The city was founded on March 01, 1565 by Portuguese Estácio de Sá, who called it São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro in order to honor the king of Portugal Dom Sebastião. Get to know our attractions, culture and people. You will be amazed.

....If you take a good look at this website, you will find out why Rio de Janeiro is known as the wonderful city.


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